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  3. ‘Show, don’t tell’ should not be applied to all incidents in a story. Thanks for mentioning this valid point. It just has it’s place and balance is vital. Like your succinct style Kathy.

  4. Too much dialog: a nice example of bending that rule.

    Show not tell may also provide a degree of honesty (and trust for the reader) that telling can smudge. I chose to never reveal my lead character’s internal thoughts because I caught myself recasting a scene to make him look clever and funny instead of self-serving and insensitive. As I found myself lacking the stamina to be honest, I chose to allow my character’s actions and what he says out loud to tell the tale. Now the funny parts of the book are more natural to the characters and story’s progression. It does present some difficult terrain to cross. We’ll see what the editor thinks.

    Physical actions on any scale, and what comes out of a character’s mouth, can tell your tale far better than leading the reader hand-held through description of events. Sure, you can light the scene to lend a particular cast to the context of those events, but action still trumps atmosphere. Not for every scene nor story, but whenever employed it lends strength to the spine.

  5. Kathy I tend to use both but with more tell than show. It makes me really think hard about everything I write, and how I would enjoy it were I reading the story for the first time, as someone else. Thanks for sharing this, much appreciated. 🙂 Oh! Thanks for visiting my author blog too…fab having you.

      • Thanks, Jane, for bothering to correct your initial remark. It’s hot in Spain, too. 35 degrees F. Are you in the UK, I notice from the news it’s hot there as well?

      • I am at the moment and it is going over 36 degrees here so I hear. I cannot think straight. Might go to just under 40 by which time I shall be taking up residence in the freezer lol. Not used to heat without AC. Sorry for the error, my internet is also playing up, going slow and choosing to record only one or some letters, to show up as I type. Silently going nuts. How about you?

      • It is about 98 apparently….that is hot to me. 36 means little. It doesn’t sound hot, but 98 is a scorcher. I use old money as you can tell. 🙂

  6. We use Centrigade in Spain, but my temperature gauge shows F and C. It was 25 degrees C at 2 am last night, but I’m used to the heat after 15 years out here. When gets to 40 or over, I feel a little hot.

    • LOL they use Centigrade here too but I am a pain in the behind in that I still like to think and work in Imperial. Sad I know, but I do. Apparently it went to 98F degrees near Heathrow yesterday. Reminds me of living in the USA and SE Asia….but they had AC then. I hope today is bearable for you. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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